Video a proposito di chimica

Atoms from A to easy!

Solid, liquid, gas and … plasma? – Michael Murillo

The law of conservation of mass – Todd Ramsey

How do carbohydrates impact your health? – Richard J. Wood

How do vitamins work? – Ginnie Trinh Nguyen

The invisible motion of still objects – Ran Tivony

How do we separate the seemingly inseparable? – Iddo Magen

The chemistry of cookies – Stephanie Warren

What is the shape of a molecule? – George Zaidan and Charles Morton

What is the universe made of? – Dennis Wildfogel

What is chemical equilibrium? – George Zaidan and Charles Morton

How does an atom-smashing particle accelerator work? – Don Lincoln

The 2,400-year search for the atom – Theresa Doud

The strengths and weaknesses of acids and bases – George Zaidan and Charles Morton

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